Paralytic Woman Crawled 5 Km to Listen to The Gospel

An African woman, crippled by the feet, crawled on a long journey just to listen to the Gospel and give herself to Jesus. This testimony was recounted by the missionary Ronaldo Lidório in a video found in Guiame, a Brazilian Christian news site. When he was called to begin an evangelistic work in a remote African tribe in Ghana, Lydório knew that he was going to experience great difficulties. However, he saw the hand of God in the midst of each adversity and it impacted not only the tribe of the Konkombas, where he worked during years, but also his own faith. Lydório relates that shortly after arriving to that tribe that had never heard of Jesus Christ, he managed to evangelize a family of 13 members, which helped him to plant the first church in the town. The leader of the family was a man with vision. He, his wife, and their 11 children showed such great love for God that, after surrendering to Jesus, they wanted to quickly share the Gospel with the whole tribe. Then, they went to each hut in the tribe to invite their neighbors to the first service. More than 400 people gathered one morning, under the shade of the trees, to listen to the Word of God for the first time. It was not easy. Two wizards approached him before the sermon and told him not to preach. Because he denied to do so, they began to interrupt him and to oppose him throughout the sermon. When Meba called, to everyone's surprise, God had touched the hearts of 67 Konkombas, who gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. Another striking thing at the end of the service was the appearance of a paralytic woman, who came to the place crawling. She asked: "White man, did I arrive too late to give myself to Jesus?" That woman was not a Konkomba, but a resident of a neighboring tribe. Knowing that the Gospel would be preached to the Konkombas, she asked her father and her brothers to carry her in their arms. But all refused. Then, she crawled five kilometers to the place where the service was taking place. The women of the church welcomed her, treated her wounded hands and cleaned her body that was full of mud. Then, Lydório prayed for her and, finally, this struggling woman could give her life to Jesus Christ. WIIR rejoices with this kind of stories because salvation is personal and everyone should make an effort to maintain it.

An African woman, crippled by the feet, crawled on a long journey just to listen to the Gospel and give herself to Jesus.

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